Upcoming Events

The Brooklyn Society Writers


A Writers Workshop


Lisa B. DuBois

All are invited as Lisa discusses the layers of good fiction writing.

How to hook you reader with the very first sentence

How to hold your reader’s full attention

How to invest your reader with emotion

 How to build a character

How clarify your main character’s agenda

And more…

Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture

53 Prospect Park West – Upstairs Library

November 10th, 1PM to 4PM

Lisa B. DuBois, a veteran fiction artist and workshop leader, is the author of the “Love and Sound Mind” short story collection and owner of “Way with Wurdz Publishing, Inc.”  Under the umbrella of “Way with Wurdz, Inc., she also serves as manuscript coach, ghost writer and copy-editor. 

An alumnus of the North Country Writer’s Retreats, the Gotham Writer’s workshops, and The Clearing Writers Group, Lisa is fortunate to have workshopped with spectacular authors such as Bernice McFadden (The Book of Harlan), Tonya Hegamin (Willow) and Mitchell Jackson (The Residue Years) and New York Times best-selling author Colin Channer (Providential).

A sought after workshop facilitator Lisa is passionate about the art and the craft of good fiction writing. 

To learn more about Lisa or read excerpts of her work go to. www.lisabdubois.com

There is a suggested donation of $10

Donations will help support the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture

For more information contact – kimdarniece@optonline.net

3 thoughts on “Upcoming Events

  1. Thank you so very much for creating such a wonderful experience for writers. I loved how you focused on the craft of writing, having a powerful first sentence and tips to keep our readers turning the pages. OUTSTANDING!! Please, please come back and do another session.

    • Hi Kim! Thank you for having me! It was absolutely my pleasure. I love teaching the craft and art of fiction and it was fun to hangout with such a talented group of writer/artists. Let’s do it again soon!

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