The Raw Hummus that changed everything

Eat Green Cake

raw hummus Hello there,

I LOVE dips! When i eat out, I always make sure I ask for some kind of dip or sauce – chilli/ barbecue/soy sauce/ wasabi you name it. How very Singaporean of me haha..

Anyway, one of my favourite dips is Hummus. Can’t express how much i love this little dip except that I constantly have a jar in my fridge! It all started when I chanced upon Oh She Glow’s recipe for “The Hummus that Changed Everything”. And no, she wasn’t kidding because I’ve been hooked on homemade hummus ever since. Its simple, fuss free and best of all healthy!

I’ve tried making raw hummus using zucchini before, but this time I decided to try using leftover almond pulp. The result? — “The Raw Hummus that Changed Everything”! This hummus is alot more dry than the zucchini one which is more liquidy…but i just love the taste and thickness more. Just add lots of…

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