Of Love and Sound Mind – a short story collection

“Of Love and Sound Mind” now available on Amazon!

The Of Love and Sound Mind short story collection (now available on AMAZON) brings us into the lives of wounded people as they try to reconcile the collateral damage of mental illness, the psychic traumas of divorce, the makeup of hallucination, the echoes of unanswered grief and the crippling violence of family secrets.

“Of Love and Sound Mind” now available on Amazon!


So come on, let’s read an excerpt from the short story “What Happened” as an eight year old girl experiences her mother’s first psychotic break.

What Happened

…Then my Momma was sitting, bent over in her favorite chair, rocking and crying and holding her head in her hands while my Daddy looked at her over his shoulder, like she wasn’t anybody to him.

Then, before, I could come back with a cold cloth to wipe her eyes, like she did for me whenever I was crying real hard, she just kind of slid to the floor like ice cream melting off a cone. Then I was crying loud too because she was too big and I wasn’t big enough to get her back into her chair. Then my Daddy, when he saw us, me and my melted Momma on the floor, walked out of the room and didn’t come back even though I was calling him. Then my Momma was talking through her open then closed fingers to somebody who wasn’t me and staring at something somewhere else.

Then there were loud blue and white lights outside and strangers in our house who strapped my Momma into a metal chair with wheels and took my Momma away even though I was yelling for them not to while my Daddy held me down with one arm to keep me from kicking.

Then I don’t know what happened…

Wasn’t that great??!

Of Love and Sound Mind is now available on Amazon. Get your copy HERE! 5

All content © 2013 Lisa B. DuBois

16 thoughts on “Of Love and Sound Mind – a short story collection

  1. It’s 1:04 am, and here I am reading about dead husband and dead dead mothers voices..(grin) You go gurlll!

  2. Only thing missing is “These questions and more will be answered on our next episode of As the World Burps!” Lol. Good teasers, Lisa!

    • Byrd! Yes you are absolutely right! I have to be sure and add a “To be continued…” tag to the stories. Thank you for your wise and sound literary analysis! I’m sending you big hugs and mwahs!!!

  3. Hey Lisa, you leave your reader in suspense– yearning for more…This is your passion, embrace it. Juke box Holly!

  4. Just got the notification, my problem right now is choosing a story. Each one of the excerpts has an aspect of familiarity from my own experiences. But I will start with “Mourning the Sun”! Great job Lisa!!!

  5. I love stories that pull me in and cause separation anxiety when I close the book. A must read for those struggling with grief and loss. Awesome job Lisa!! Woohoo!!

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